BangkokBangkok is capital of Thailand and it has area over 1500 square kilometre. City is large and you can find modern skylines and historic temples. In Bangkok face you contrasts which make city fascinating and also interesting place to traveller. Bangkok is located at on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River and it is fast growing. City is very popular whit the tourists. Bangkok population is over 10 million and that unfortunately beholds in traffic, so must you pay attention to that when planning your moving.

Bangkok has lot of offer to traveller. There are about 400 Buddhists temples and an elaborate network of canals. People who like shopping will love Bangkok’s luxurious malls and whit out forgetting street markets and bazaars. Some of the shops are even open aroud the clock.  It is recommend to check the quality of products, because there are plenty copy’s moving.


Wat PoChinatown is full of little restaurant’s where food is tasty and inexpensive.  There are especially  fish restaurant’s and gold shops. Bangkok’s temple areas also worthy of visiting, because architecture magnificent and decorative. You have to dress correct when visiting in these areas.  




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